Thursday, February 16, 2006

Man in the middle... where the game is won or lost.

Ask ManUtd or Arsenal this season and they might agree.

While Viera has been a loss that Arsenal has been struggling to cope up with, ManUtd has just been not able to get a replacement for Keano and is struggling to put a midfielder in the team. Scholes is out for the rest of the season. Fletcher, Smith, Rooney and Ferdinand have both played in that position and haven't looked the part. Rumours are that Aldo Duscher and Franck Ribery are the new targets. Ballack is still in the horizon, but not sure for how long as he has expressed a desire to join Madrid. Arsenal's on the way down and I think it would take them a couple of seasons to be back at the top 3. They have some good prospects and players like Fabregas and van Persie augurs well for the ex-champions. It'll be a major setback if Henry leaves for Barca in the summer, if rumours are to be believed.

Both Arsenal and ManUtd bought players who were not part of the solution. Theo Walcott came to Arsenal to beef up the offence. Vidic and Evra were picked up to help the ailing ManUtd defence. Vidic looks good so far. Evra still needs to impress.

If there was one player I could have bought, it would be Riquelme for sure. I think he is going to be one of the stars of the Argetine side, which looks quite good to go all the way.

And yes. Middlesbrough! Its just out of the bottom three but its the only team that has beaten Arsenal, ManUtd and now Chelsea. And they did get hammered 7-0 by Arsenal in the return leg. Rijkaard has been on the phone to find out how to beat Chelsea in the Champions League game next week. Hmmm. Wouldn't everyone like to know. Ask Fergie too! :)


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