Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I play the Fantasy NBA league religiously every year. This year, I started with two teams. One, called Hindustan Heroes which got a rather raw deal in the draft. The second called Tokri Stars, which is currently top of the league (just checked, it's second, but the team which is first has played 50 games more than me).

Once I am sure of winning, I start jibing the others in my league. They are all strangers and come mostly from the US or China. While not being patriotic in many ways (any way), there's pride involved for me. I can do better than Americans whose sport this is.

Dibyo and Maverick are similarly playing fantasy football. And so are thousands across the country. Which begs the question? Can Indians be better at fantasy sport compared to other countries? We have always been passionate and knowledgable about following football. I remember seeing an idol of Diego Maradona during the 1994 World Cup finals in Keshtopur! I also remember huge debates on whether Garrincha got his due and whether Cantona stands a better chance if he leaves Alex Ferguson's scheme.

Now, should we take it to the next level and win every fantasy sport league in football. Can we take fantasy NBA and win that as well?

When'll the world championships be fought? Will we be ready by then?


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