Saturday, October 29, 2005

RIP: Man Utd

Tonight was the worst game that Man Utd has played since a long time, definitely since I have been following the club. Closest was losing 1-4 to Man City in 2004. Everything has gone horribly wrong. There was no coordination, no desire, no ideas. Absolutely nothing. Ferdinand might find his place in the squad in serious jeopardy if Brown puts a few good games in. He really needs a good kick up his backside. Atleast 2 of tonight's goals were due to his horrible mistakes and they stem from an air of over-confidence and over-coolness that has been a part of his game suddenly. Incidently the same has been a cause for his axing from the English playing 11. The league is surely out of grasp now. I'm more worried about the long term future. Scholes is well past his prime, right now he is absolute rubbish (and it pains me to write that about him). Fletcher is just not gonna do in mid-field as he lacks the muscle. Smith is good, but most of the time its his mouth that does the talking and not his play. It doesn't help if you get a yellow card per game does it? I'm actually clueless for a change. I've always been optimistic about the team, but tonight was the pits. Rooney does not a team make. I wonder if Glazer's tearing his hair (or whatever is left of it) regarding his decision to buy the club. He makes money when the club wins. And that does not look too promising at the moment.


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