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[WC2006] The English Team formation

With Rooney needing a miracle to even get a match at the World Cup, most of us are scratching our heads as regards to what would be the formation of the English team.

There are three options that are coming out, none of which is the diamond formation of Sven. If Owen can pull it through to the World Cup, then he would be the automatic choice up front (with Robinson assumed to keep his GK position). Assuming that he pulls through lets look at the options (I'm only listing down the playing 11):


Robinson - Cole/Terry/Rio/Neville - Downing/Lampard/Gerrard/Becks - Cole - Owen
With Cole in superb form, it could be worthwhile playing him as a centre-forward just behind Owen. The midfield would then be comprised of Downing, Lampard, Gerrard, Becks (Left to Right). The defense would be Cole, Terry, Rio, Neville (Left to Right). Might just pull this one off but am still a lil' doubtful about Downing right now.


Robinson - Cole/Terry/Rio/Neville - Lampard/Gerrard/Becks - Cole/Owen/Lennon

It could be worthwhile to throw Lennon in the ring (could be too soon) but Lampard, Gerrard and Becks haven't played together. The former too look to go forward a lot and with short passes while Becks prefers the long balls through. Depending upon him to play a holding role might not be the best idea. This is my least favourite formation.


Robinson - Cole/Terry/Rio/Neville - Carrick - Cole/Lampard/Gerrard/Becks - Owen

This is my first choice as Carrick's done so well recently and Cole can run down the left as he has already done for the qualifiers. Owen has always played alone up front and when you have a midfield (including Carrick) where everyone's been scoring a lot of goals.

But my question is that by strengthening the midfield can you dream of winning the Cup? A Brazil which keeps on attacking can haunt England. Is Crouch, Defoe, Harewood a good substitute for Rooney (last reports suggest Vasell is out with a hernia operation)? I personally don't think that they have the attacking quality needed in a tournament where each game counts and you win by scoring a few.

What would be your ideal formation and who would you keep on the bench? We would love to hear your thoughts regarding the same. Assume Rooney isn't in the 11.

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Blogger 13thpsycho said...

What about a 4-2-1-2-1?

Nvlle/Carra - Carr/Rio - Terry - Cole
(RB) (CD) (CD) (LB)
Gerrard - Carrick
Beckham Cole (Wing/AM) (Wing/AM)

10:32 PM  
Blogger 13thpsycho said...

Oops that formation dint come out in the right way....
Anyways u got what i meant to say....
If Rooneys fit....he replaces Carrick and they go bk to a 4-4-2...

This formation is defensive...but allows lampard to be the playmaker with ample support behind him and quality in the wings...

Just a thought....

10:36 PM  
Blogger 13thpsycho said...

And forgot Crouch....he's a great target man...can set up for Owen...Owen might struggle on his own...

Gerrard for CAPTAINNNNN!!!!

P.S. Liverpool is going to win the F.A. Cup... :)

10:47 PM  
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